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  • Treatment of Lumbar Disc Herniation using the DST Method (Discseel™)

Treatment of Lumbar Disc Herniation using the DST Method (Discseel™)

60s, Male

Inquiry Contents

Patient has been suffering from back pain for the past 4-5 years, along with pain and lethargy from the lower back to the thighs.

As symptoms have been worsening year by year, patient went for an MRI scan in January. He was diagnosed with lumbar osteoarthritis and spinal disc degeneration (loss in disc height in L2/3 L3/4 and narrowing of the spinal canal).

He was recommended to undergo surgery, but due to high risk and the toll it takes on the body, he is looking to undergo treatment at ILC.

Diagnostic Imaging Results

Chief Complaint:
Pain in lower back and both lower limbs since about 4-5 years ago. Symptoms worsen when bending forward.

Patient has previously had 4 surgeries.

Intervertebral disc degeneration and lumbar disc herniation combined with spinal stenosis (LCS) detected at L2/3 L3/4 L4/5 L5/S disc levels. .

Considered to be suitable for the DST (Discseel™) Treatment with an efficacy rate of about 73-80%.

Medical Condition(s): Lumbar Disc Herniation

Treatment Method

DST (Discseel™) Treatment at 4 disc levels.